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Experimental Sites Initiative

Screening & Approval Process

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Screening Process
  • FSA-wide team reviews an institution’s application, performance history and current status.
  • Institutions selected to participate must have a strong track record in the administration of the Title IV Student Assistance Programs.

Program Participation Agreement (PPA) Amendment

  • FSA sends the institution a PPA Amendment that includes the specific experiments in which the institution will participate. It provides exemptions, reporting requirements and instructions for terminating participation in an experiment.
  • If an institution declines to participate in a particular experiment, it must send an email to: The email should include the experiments(s) in which the institution does not want to participate.
  • An institution must return two signed copies of the PPA Amendment.
  • FSA will return one countersigned copy to institution for their records. 
  • A signed copy of the PPA Amendment must be kept on file.

Pell Grant Short-Term Program Approval Form Instructions

Experiment concluded on June 30, 2017